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Moochies Smartwatch Phones for Kids

Manufacturer: Moochies

Each Moochies Connect Phone Watch is a standalone phone with a built-in SIM card. With no social media, it works alongside the FREE MyMoochies App on your smartphone, giving you control over all the features of your child's all-in-one smartwatch and phone. Moochies Connect is available in Black, Grey, Navy, Pale blue, Pink, White and Red.

Make your Moochies your own
Every child is unique, with their own style, personality and tastes. That’s why we have a range of swappable straps that your child will love.

No Social Media or Internet Access
Keep them safe online and let kids be kids. While the Moochies Phone Watch is 4G, there is no access to online browsers or social media. They won’t be able to access anything on the internet that they shouldn’t see, or be contacted by anyone not on the safe contact list.

Never forget the important things
On the Moochies Phone Watch, set alarms for anything you need. Time to wake up, homework reminders, appointments, medication reminders, anything you need.

Don’t let the rain get you down!
Never worry about rain, sweat or splashes Let your child play in the water with confidence. All Moochies Phone Watches are Water Resistant.

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