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EasyPix MyStudio

Manufacturer: EasyPix

MyStudio is a complete home video studio in a box! With MyStudio, fun and creative videos are a few simple steps away. Simply film yourself in front of the green screen and add your favourite background from one of the various apps available. You are also free to use any picture or film from your private gallery to function as your background. Its so easy! All you need is a smartphone and MyStudio.

What's included?

Green Screen (200x300cm)
The MyStudio Green Screen measures 23 metres and comes with two clamps and suspension rings. Fasten the fabric in a suitable, bright place and make sure it does not crease. Ensure the tripod is placed in a position which allows the green screen to completely fill the background of the video recording.

Tripod with smartphone holder (Extendable up to 120 cm height)
Loosen the thumbscrew and pull down the three tripod legs completely so it stands firm and stable. With the help of the screws you can adjust the height of the tripod exactly as you need it for your shot. Make sure that the MyStudio Green Screen fills the entire image in the camera.

The microphone is a clip-on microphone. Connect the microphone to your phone using the adapters and extension cable provided. You can then clip the microphone discretely to your sweater or tee shirt.

Video Light
The video ring light has a 6"/15.2cm diameter. It is rotatable with various brightness and colour temperateure levesl. The ring light is supplied with power using the supplied USB cable. You can connect the USB plug to the USB port of your computer or use a normal USB power supply or power bank.

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