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Acme ACT303 Activity Tracker

Manufacturer: Acme

Looking for an activity tracker that would match both formal and casual outfits? We have an option for you – ACME ACT303 Fitness activity tracker with heart rate. It features subtle and slim design thus looks very elegant on the wrist. However, it has all the functions activity tracker is expected to have. First of all, it has heart rate monitor which tracks heart activity while you are both exercising and resting. It identifies peak exercise, cardio exercise, fat burning zones. Besides, sleep tracker is more accurate thanks to it. Moreover, it supports multi-sports function meaning you can manually (via app) add up to 5 different sports and track the results of different workouts. The tracker counts steps, distance and burnt calories, notifies about incoming call and messages as well as calendar notifications which you can schedule yourself via app. What is really great is that once the tracker notified you about the message or email, you can read it directly on the tracker’s screen. So, there is no need to take out the phone from the pocket all the time. Finally, the activity tracker keeps all the date inside itself for a week so you do not have to keep your cell phone and tracker connected all the time.

Super slim design
The tracker is very slim and light, looks nicely on the wrist.

Touch screen
Responds to the touch to display time & date, calories burnt, heart rate and other functions as well as allows to read the whole message or email received.

Heart rate monitor
Tracks heart activity while you are both exercising and resting.

Multi-sport function
Allows to add up to 5 different sports to the activity tracker to track the results of different workouts.

Counts your steps, distance and burnt calories.

Call & message notification
Informs about incoming calls and messages.

Calendar notification
Informs about events and other reminders added to the calendar.

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