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Altec Full Metal FlashDrive+ Hermetic Military

Conventional USB sticks are completely unsuitable for reliable data storage under extreme environmental conditions. They cannot withstand the increased mechanical requirements and are above all intended for a typical office environment. For this reason, altec ComputerSysteme has been successfully developing and marketing practically indestructible flash memory solutions for industrial and military applications for more than 20 years.

The altec “Full Metal FlashDrive+ Hermetic Military” was developed to withstand the toughest environmental conditions as a compact and mobile data storage device. It is typically used in avionics and aerospace applications, by the military and in heavy industry. In other words, wherever your data needs perfect protection against physical and mechanical destruction.

Protection mechanisms
The altec “Full Metal FlashDrive+ Hermetic Military” is resistant to practically any environmental danger. The case of solid aluminium encloses and protects the core, and a special sealing compound hermetically seals the sensitive electronic components within. The low viscosity sealing compound penetrates the smallest cavities, e.g. between the printed circuit board and the SMD compo-nents, and ensures an optimum mechanical bond. There are no air inclusions and thus no problems due to local hotspots, loosening of components and cracks. Accordingly, the altec “Full Metal FlashDrive+ Hermetic Military” is very resistant to moisture, pressure and temperature changes. The full encapsulation of the electronic circuits and the perfect mechanical bond to the enclosing case protects your data reliably against liquids, dust, dirt, shock and vibration.

Options and Features
The “Full Metal FlashDrive+ Hermetic Military” is also a very flexible data storage system with numerous configuration options. In addition to a range of cases with different designs e.g. a form protected against polarity reversal, colours and labelling and numerous firmware options such as several LUN‘s, write protection, hidden partitions and customized identifier (product & vendor ID) are also possible. The partitioning of total capacity into SLC and MLC flash memory areas in conjunction with firmware options and a firmware ugrade possibility later on allows very flexible ranges of application. Altec also offers support for long product cycles with EOL (End of life), PCN (Product change notice) and BOM (Bill of materials) as required by the ISO 9001 quality assurance guidelines. Quality assurance For best quality and highest reliabilty each altec “Full Metal FlashDrive+ Hermetic Military” is also available with several different certifications and as an option you can request individual product testing in our own environmental chamber before delivery.

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