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ATP Velocity M-IV Enterprise Grade SSD

Utilizing MLC (Multi Level Cell) NAND flash components, ATP Velocity M-IV Industrial Grade SSD offers an ultra high speed with sequential read up to 500 MB/s and sequential write up to 500 MB/s. ATP Velocity M-IV Industrial Grade SSD is designed for industrial and enterprise storage systems with outstanding sequential read and write performance to relieve performance bottlenecks associated with traditional HDD storage or other slower MLC SSDs. ATP Velocity M-IV Industrial Grade SSD brings new life into embedded and industrial storage infrastructures.

ATP SMART Life Monitor
ATP SMART Life Monitor (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology) application monitors various parameters of ATP Velocity SSD's endurance and reliabilityŚRemaining Life, Raw Read Error Rate, Erase Count and moreŚreminding you if any of them is out of the normal range. These information helps predict drive failure while there is still time to take preventive action, such as copying the data to a replacement device.

Full Manufacturer Support and Product Consistency
Being a true manufacturer gives ATP the ability to support customers with a fixed BOM (Bill of Materials) policy, ensuring both consistent compatibility and performance. ATP also fully supports its customers with product customization and tuning to optimize performance in particular or specialized applications.

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